We fix stubborn problems with how people engage with each other, their companies and the work they do.

Conflicts between people, teams and management lead to disengagement,
turnover, waste, "dropped balls,"
high costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Our money-back guarantee
is that that we will find new ways to
improve employee engagement,
team cooperation, corporate
culture and reduce costs.

What is The ReThink Consortium?

The ReThink Consortium consists of Lidia Young, LSCSW, and John Trewolla, MBA. We work as a team. Our dual perspective quickly reveals the causes and remedies for tough and sensitive problems.

Lidia focuses upon the "people issues" of cooperation, communication, conflict and commitment. John focuses upon the causes of delays, waste, stress and conflicts.

Together, we re-energize teams, boost cooperation and fix profit-wasting bottlenecks.

Our approach works better because...

Interpersonal conflicts are often deeply ingrained and involve sensitive issues. They block a company's success in subtle but pervasive ways. We coach both employees and managers in better ways to communicate, deal with conflicts and cooperate.

Mistakes, errors, omissions and rework all waste money... yet most of these costs are buried and hidden. We use a novel employee engagement tool (EmployeeTalk©) to find these hidden costs and the problems they cause. Then we engage employees and leaders in cooperating to fix the root causes of these profit-robbing problems.

We help leaders change corporate culture...

Even small adjustments to a leader's behavior and personal style can profoundly shape a company's culture. Leaders largely define whether employees are defensive and blaming -- or engaged, cooperative and creative.

When we uncover the causes of high turnover, low morale, conflicts and waste, we coach leaders in how to respond more appropriately to what we discover.