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Helping Boards Resolve Conflict and Lead with Clarity

We help Boards of Directors
and management teams
resolve conflicts.

We find and fix the
unresolved issues that
cripple an organization
and block its success.

Our money-back guarantee
is that we will find ways to improve
boardroom and management cooperation.



What is The ReThink Consortium?

The ReThink Consortium consists of Lidia Young, LSCSW, and John Trewolla, MBA. We work as a team to find resolutions for stubborn and delicate conflicts between board members and management teams.

Lidia focuses upon "people issues:" cooperation, communication, conflict and commitment. John focuses upon the organizational causes of conflicts and ways to objectively measure progress towards goals.

Together, we re-energize boards, management teams, boost cooperation and organizational effectiveness. We help our clients achieve the goals they have chosen.

Our approach works better because...

Interpersonal conflicts are often deeply ingrained and involve hidden issues. They block a company's success in subtle but pervasive ways. We coach both board members and their management teams in better ways to communicate, resolve conflicts and respect each other as team members.

Many conflicts arise when "success" is measured in different ways. We help leaders define strategic goals in clear and measurable ways that can be monitored objectively. This helps everyone cooperate and agree upon what needs to be done.

We help leaders change corporate culture...

Even small changes in a leader's behavior and personal style shape a organization's culture. Leaders largely determine whether employees are defensive and blaming -- or engaged, cooperative and creative. An organization's culture is is defined at the top.

We uncover the hidden causes of high turnover, low morale, poor cooperation and unproductive work habits. Then we coach boards, executives and management teams in how to lead with more clarity.