We help two types of leaders:


1. Those who are frustrated with low engagement and productivity.


2. Those who have developed an extraordinary culture and want to preserve it.



What is The ReThink Consortium?

The ReThink Consortium consists of Lidia Young, LSCSW, and John Trewolla, MBA. We work as a team to assist Boards of Directors and executives to lead their organizations to accomplish the organization's purpose and goals.

Lidia focuses upon "people issues:" cooperation, communication, culture, conflict and commitment. John measures progress in ways that lead to better decisions and cooperation across all employees and departments..

Together, John and Lidia help the entire organization to become more accountable to each other, to the communities they serve and to the goals of their organization.

Our approach works better because...

An organization's culture is defined by its leaders. We coach leaders in better ways to communicate, cooperate and respect each other.

Conflict is often the result of measuring "success" in different ways. We help design ways to measure progress that improve clarity, cooperation and accountability.

We help leaders create a culture of engagement...

People do not quit a company. They quit their leader, their manager or their workplace team. When employees are not engaged, it is often the leader who has established a culture that is defensive and blaming. When organizations thrive, it is because the culture encourages engagement, cooperation and creativity.

"Culture" is defined at the top. We help leaders understand how they define the culture of their organizations and coach them in better ways to lead with clarity.