What if...

  • You were needlessly causing conflict that increased turnover, choked productivity and sapped profits?

  • Your leaders and staff really worked together on the goals you set?

  • Everyone agreed upon how to measure their progress and success?
Step 3. Maintenance & Reinforcement

It takes time and discipline to turn new insights into a culture of cooperation. The third step of our work is Maintenance Coaching. Part of this work is helping our clients measure and monitor progress in ways that lead to new insights and foster a culture of cooperation.

As progress continues, we continue to coach leaders and management in fresh ways to be effective leaders. If there are flare-ups, help resolve them before they become entrenched.

Step 2. Fixing the problems

In Step 2, meet privately with key individuals. Sometimes we lead group workshops with Boards of Directors, Executive Teams or Leadership Teams. We focus upon establishing clarity about goals and issues.

Then we tailor our coaching to focus upon the most important issues. We help leaders build a culture of engagement and encourage additional feedback.

Step 1. Initial Assessment

In Step 1, we meet leaders to identify key issues that need attention.

These can involve people, departments, policies, procedures or any combination of these.

The goal is to identify the conflicts that almost always underlie such problems.