What if...

  • You discovered the bottlenecks that choke productivity, profits and growth?

  • Your employees would alert you to the things that cause errors, confusion and frustration?

  • Employees cooperated as a team to improve quality and customer service?
Step 3. Maintenance & Reinforcement

It takes time and discipline to turn new insights into a culture of cooperation. The third step of our work is Maintenance Coaching. In this part of our work, we continue to measure and monitor progress towards goals. We help ensure that new insights and ideas grow into persistent habits and a culture of cooperation.

As progress continues, we coach leaders and management in fresh ways to be effective leaders.

Step 2. Fixing the problems

In Step 2, we help get the entire company engaged in resolving the most urgent problems. We collect and analyze feedback from all employees to gain a multi-dimensional perspective on the issue. We solicit ideas about how to reduce cost and improve quality and service.

Then we coach leaders in how to respond promptly and appropriately to improve the situation. We help leaders identify the employees who are helping the most and deserve recognition. All of this helps build a culture of engagement and encourages additional feedback.

Step 1. Initial Assessment

First, we identify key issues that need attention immediately. These can involve people, departments, leaders, policies, procedures or any combination of these. We quickly uncover hidden issues that choke a company's operations, growth and profits. We focus upon finding overlooked ways to improve efficiency, reduce rework and avoid costly errors.

We do this Initial Assessment for a fixed fee with a money-back guarantee.