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Helping Boards Resolve Conflict and Lead with Clarity

What if...

  • You had set people in conflict that choked productivity, profits and growth. but you didn't know it?

  • All of your employees worked together on achieving the same goals?

  • You had objective ways to measure progress towards the goals defined in your mission statement?
Step 3. Maintenance & Reinforcement

It takes time and discipline to turn new insights into a culture of cooperation. The third step of our work is Maintenance Coaching. In Step 3 of our work, we help our clients measure and monitor progress towards goals. We help them implement new insights and develop habits that build a culture of cooperation.

As progress continues, we coach leaders and management in fresh ways to be effective leaders. And, we stand by to help resolve flare-ups before they develop into entrenched disputes.

Step 2. Fixing the problems

In Step 2, we start by meeting with the Board, the management team, or both together. We also meet privately with key individuals. Sometimes we facilitate workshops with the entire board or work with individual committees or management teams. We collect and analyze feedback from all leaders to construct a multi-dimensional view of the issues.

Then we coach leaders in how to resolve the issues behind the confloicts. We help leaders build a culture of engagement and encourage additional feedback.

Step 1. Initial Assessment

In Step 1, we meet leaders to identify key issues that need attention immediately. These can involve people, departments, policies, procedures or any combination of these. We then interview key people to uncover the causes of these issues. We focus upon identifying the conflicts that almost always underlie such problems.

We generally do this Initial Assessment for a fixed fee with a money-back guarantee.